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Strategies to avoid becoming a statistic in the burnout epidemic

EDITION 2: Strategies to avoid becoming a statistic in the burnout epidemic

Our mission for bringing better days at work is building momentum!

Welcome to the Better Bits, Edition 2 where we share what’s been happening in Better@Work-Land, highlights from the podcast, extra tips and tools, and invite you to join the conversation.

First up, a lot’s been happening here at Better@Work!

We’re up to Episode 6 which went live on the 3rd of August. In this episode I chat with Jennifer Moss about strategies to prevent burnout, something which has impacted a lot of us since 2020. Check out the link to the root causes of burnout, which many listeners have already found super interesting.

Talking about ways to prevent burnout was a great continuation from my conversation in Episode 5 with Mollie West Duffy about emotions at work, how they can serve us, paying attention to who we’re comparing yourself to as a clue to what lights us up, and drawing our own lines as a way to avoid burnout.

If you have an idea of someone we need to have on Better@Work, let us know here, and we’ll work to bring them on to the show for a chat.

In the meantime, to help you find content that interests you most here’s where you can find a summary of the six episodes so far.

Things we’re developing

We’ve heard from lots of listeners including on partnering to develop apps, tools, workshops and content to help us all be better at work. Watch this space for more news on our progress.  If you’d like to explore how Better at Work can help you, your team, or your organisation, contact us as we always love to help.

Things we’re loving 💛

In our “Let’s take this offline” segment I debrief on key interview insights with my friend Annette and answer questions from our listeners. We’d love to hear from you too, send us a question here. To help you find some tips here’s a list of the question topics we’ve covered so far:

  • Episode 1 – Lisa asks about coping with a micromanager
  • Episode 2 – Sita is struggling with a demotivated team
  • Episode 3 – Emma is dealing with a difficult manager
  • Episode 4 – A listener is feeling stuck in their job and exhausted
  • Episode 5 – Daniel loves his work but is concerned the company’s brand is lacklustre and won’t succeed, so questioning should he move
  • Episode 6 – Louise is looking for some guidance on supporting a team member experiencing the loss of a close family member

We’ll keep you posted on how things improve and change for some of these listeners.

Send us your questions

Every episode, we’ll address a question from you, our listeners. So, please let us know your issues, dilemmas, challenges or prickly situations holding you or your team back from being better at work.

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Cathal Quinlan